Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gift Set

I was asked to put together a gift for my friend's niece, Imogen.   I know she believes in fairys and as she gets older the tooth fairy will be paying a visit.   How we hate our kid's teeth falling out; I know, but it"s inevitable, it will happen.

I decided to make a pillow she could hang on the bottom of her bed or on the door handle of her bedroom.

A little heart pocket would be nice place for the tooth to be put, and has plenty of room for the coins to be left in, or a little gift depending on which tooth fairy is visiting.

The Rattledoll and the drawstring bag are both Maison Chic, which are gorgeous accessories for any girls bedroom.

Please contact me at the Feathered Nest for any custom, or gifting, orders for pillows 

Happy Birthday Imogen, enjoy your gift!

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kayellen said...

so cute!!!