Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Out & about!


School holidays have been keeping me busy as I've been out & about with my family.  We headed to Eungella which is 686 meters above sea level and has magnificent views of the Pioneer Valley.  There are 22 kilometers of bush walking tracks, one of which we trekked for over 3 hours.  We couldn't see the views of the valley unfortunately, as the weather was heavy with cloud in the morning when we did our walk.  It was also very wet, so much for our dry season!

Eungella was named  by the Aboriginals meaning 'in the clouds' which we where; so was definitely right on the naming!!!  It was wet so the leeches were out  (not happy).    Between us we counted 100 leeches on our boots.   Luckily we managed to flick them off before they latched on to our skin, well apart from my husband who got 3 sucking away on his blood.  Ouch!!!

I would not be put me off  from going again though as the scenery and nature wins each time.  Note to self take loads of salt the leeches shrivel up  & a lighter which will make them drop off)

1. Marjorie Duck wallpaper  2. Felt Throw 3. Cushion

The green of Eungella  got me looking for inspiration, from walking through the national forest, & I came across .  Bholu this is a great company who has a green policy.   They were selected by Time magazine as  one of the top 100 most influential green designers.  I'm all for trying to keep our environment as clean as we can. I love the green olive colour & the simplicity of the designs.


We saw quite a few reptiles, mammals, marsupials & cattle on our days out, the turtles were happily waiting for a few crumbs to be thrown into the river.   I don't know how we managed to see this tiny lizard.   The platypus were so small and spent more time under water so I was very lucky to get this picture. 

Possums, I know people think they are pests but they looked so cute munching away on there fruit, the restaurant we ate that evening had a little place for them to eat their tea too!

Thank goodness the cattle moved off the road I really thought we would have to wait for a while but we got by okay I felt a bit like I was on safari here only with out the African wild life!!

1.Ignatious critter  2.Mavis monkey 3. Frederick elephant 4. Marjorie duck

My animal inspiration,  are so cute don't you think?  These adorable toys are hand made by Indian artisans for Bholu inspired by the drawings of children.   They would be gorgeous in any kid's room, mind you I wouldn't mind Marjorie duck for myself, I'm a big kid at heart!!

We got to see the partial eclipse as it was a clear night yipee!   Sorry if its not a clear image as my little camera hasn't got a huge lense on it,  I am quite pleased with the result though a good picture to end our time out & about.   Next total Lunar Eclipse will be December 10th 2011 put it in your diary's if you don't want to miss it!

Finally this is my inspiration from the Partial Eclipse of the moon picture, well I think so hope you do too!! It's handmade with Australian felt, so each one is it's own unique creation.   I cannot wait to get started on my house I can see a few of these cushions been purchased.

Photoes my own & Bholu


Gifts of Serendipity said...

Eungella, what a magical place!
I've only been there once for a girls weekend away in winter [the leeches were something to behold!] and in spite of the leeches it was fantastic.
I've just discovered you via your comment on Thea's blog and very happy that I have,

Suki@FantabulousDesign said...

I love bush walking at Eungella too. I've been up there so many times but never seen the platypus (not once!). You're lucky.
The eclipse photo is nice.

Dancing Branflake said...

How awesome that you are so inspired by nature. And that's an awesome photo of the partial eclipse.

Jeanneoli said...

Great finds inspired by your love of nature!!!

Nanny Pickle said...

I have been to Eungella a few times now and am absolutely in love with it. It is the only place I have seen platypus in the wild. Thank you for this lovely post. It has brought back lovely memories.

Beach Vintage said...

I must admit, I am not a bush walker, or a walker of any kind really, but once I am in the bush I just fall in love.

Nevin said...

it is a lovely story and very beautiful place XXXX