Friday, February 4, 2011

Kitchen inspiration!

Heather Bullard

I love Heather Bullard's style especially her cute kitchen.    Just thought I would share a few of my favourite's with you.


I love this kitchen; its from my friends show room in Brisbane HOC.  It has inspired me on the design of mine, so looking forward to showing you once its finished.   Fingers crossed it will look as good as this.

Unknown source (sorry)

I love the pantry door, I am doing something similar.   Will have to make sure I get some nice storage containers so it looks tidy.   If you see any please let me know!!

Elaine :)


Suki@Fantabulous Design said...

Nice kitchen and you look good in there too. The pantry door is good for letting light in the pantry and I hope it will not keep you too busy to tidy up in there ^^!

I would do the frosted glass instead of cleared glass. I'm a bit mess sometimes! ha ha.

Kellie Collis said...

Loving the cute kitchen! And that pantry looks heavenly! Have gorgeous day, Kellie xx

Oliveaux said...

Lovely kitchen! It is such a relief for you the cyclone did not come further south. I cannot imagine living thru a storm like this, even one like Anthony....crazy weather! Have a wonderful weekend. Ax

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Elaine

I love all these kitchen's.. Heather Bullard's is wonderful... gorgeous but real.. you know?.. Love that blue in the other one also..

Is that you sitting there looking all ladylike? hehehe... It's the dancer in you yes? I always wanted to be ladylike but a bit of a tomboy.. still!!!

Thanks for your sweet comment.. your such a great friend!!! Tell your husband bananas are easy to give up!! hehe.. I was diagnosed with a bunch of food allergies many years ago.. and bananas were always my favourite fruit... but strangely,.. I gave them up overnight.. still struggling to give up wheat..

Take care.. .have a great weekend.. It's 42c down here!! blaaah... too hot!! ciao xxx Julie

Sarah said...

I too am looking for a pantry door idea! I saw an antique door with iron hinges that I like... I just have to find it now.

Posie Patchwork said...

BEST pantry door ever but the children would see me sneaking squares of chocolate (or when i'm desperate, cooking chocolate chips) i love it, i want it, oh thanks Elaine, i've found my pantry door!! I've said the kitchen design is my husband's domain (kind of dreading that now as he's 7" taller than me & i won't be able to reach anything!!) We're also a family who all sit on the kitchen counters - right now, that is about ALL i have in common with her fantastic kitchen. Love Posie

The enchanted home said...

Hi I like your taste in kitchens, I am in the midst of planning my own so look for great kitchen inspiration anywhere I can find it! Found your blog through Habitually newer to blogworld and and having a ball.....anyway please visit me, I started a blog about the building of our new home and my love for decor and design..also did a kitchen inspriation post about 15 days might enjoy it.