Sunday, June 7, 2009


After reading Rajee Sood's blog the other day it reminded me about my Bollywood birthday party.   I was not blogging then, so I thought I would share it with you now. Here goes my epic, I hope you enjoy !! 

All my invites, table settings & menus were custom designed by The Linen Paperie.  I just had to keep them they are done so beautifully; they always come up with a unique design.

This gorgeous fabric is from a little shop in Brisbane called Rani Creations. It is from a sari I purchased.   Sari's are around 9 yards in length.   If you want to know how to wear a sari, have a look on Sari Safari; it has some nice info if you are interested.

I decided to have a go at making some outfits for some of my family & friends.   We did have a lot of fun wearing them.    We performed a bollywood-styles dance, which I choreographed as a suprise for all of my guests.    Now that was really good fun!    Shame we didn't video it as I could have put it on you tube.    I think my performing harem girls were glad of that, as they are not quite the exhibitionist that I am; HEE!

I just love this sari.   It's what I would love to own!   Maybe in my dreams & if only I was 20 years younger!!    If you want the real thing you can always purchase one of these gorgeous saris from a great website in India called homeindia .com.    They are simply stunning.    You would certainly make a statement.

These stunning jewels were kindly modelled for me by my niece Rebbeca, who looked absolutly stunning in them.

You can really stand out from the crowd with these.   You can purchase them from fusion Jewels.   Some of their gems are just wow!!   I want to go to India, I just love the exotic colours; and Bollywood is just so happy and vivacious; maybe its the performer in me?

My garden was the spot for our exotic location.    I had some of my family & my dear friend Allison to help with putting it all together.   I couldn't have done it with out them; thank you guy's. What a night :) The catering was by The Spice Avenue.    It was fantastic; it is the best Balti in Queensland.   I am just so upset we never got a picture of the party in full swing, I was too busy parading around in my costume!

I know I was lucky to have my marquee & I loved how it was put together, but this one from Sangeeta International.  is so opulant.   It would be great to do up; got me thinking for my next significant birthday.

The table flowers were a wash of bright gerberas which added to the viberant bollywood colours, which I so love.

I found most of these fake flowers, to put on the drinks table, in a shop called Loot.   So glad they were not real, as they are now sitting lovely in a glass vase, with hundreds of shells around them, in my family bathroom.    I will always remember my best birthday ever, well they say life begins at 40!!

I wanted to give a little keep sake to my guests, so I made these little draw string bags.  I embroidered the bollywood writing on them; each bag had a naturel soap inside, mine is in my bed side table making my clothes smell fresh still!!

If you didn't have the time or oppertunity to make the little bags, I found these delightful clay candel diyas from Indian gifts Portal.     They are adorned with Kundan beads & filled with sparkle wax.
Hope you enjoyed my bollywood birthday...I did!!!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Wow! What an amazing birthday that must have been! I love the idea of having a Bollywood theme and wearing saris.

Exquisite Accessories said...

It was so much fun Julia, you should do it I had a bollywood music video playing in the background for ambience which every one loved. :)

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

Those silk fabrics and colours are divine. They would make amazing cushions!!!! Kellie. x

Jeanneoli said...

That party sounds incredible! Do it again and invite ME!!!!:-) I know the world is huge but my aunt (she is only a little older than me) was a professional dancer also. She has traveled all over the world so I thought I would ask if you know her. Her name is Malinda Shaffer. Hope you are having a great week.

kayellen said...

How fun! Looks like a great party!
Thanks for sharing all the beautiful ideas and photos!

I am hoping for an uneventful weekend..quite and calm:)I still have balloons under gazebo...and a few decorations around the house from the grad party...

I guess I should taken them down?! lol

Take Care,

Rajee Sood said...

wow looks like a party that's ton loads of fun.WOnder which part of my blog reminded you of bollywood ;) ... or about reading an Indian blog ...
I am quite amazed by your love for the Sari and Indian jewellery ... be cautioned ... its real addictive :)