Friday, June 12, 2009

Pretty Dress

It's coming up to my little niece's 1st birthday so I have been thinking what to get her; she has so many different toys.  I decided to search the net to get some inspiration, & I came across this cute little dress from Jellybeans.

I thought about buying it as it's so cute, but I remembered about some fabric which was left over from some upholstered notice boards I had made.    My mind was made up, I would have a go at making it myself  & when Charlotte grows out of it, it would look lovely in her bedroom on a pretty hanger on her bedroom wall.

The cute little buttons are from Francheville.

I cut out some flower shapes to add a contrast on to the fabric, using interfacing to hold it in place while sewing the sequins around the flowers, instead of using an applique stitch.

It just has to be finished off with an accessory and what better than a little head scarf.   She will look so cute!   Happy Birthday Charlotte!


Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

Oh those white ballet flats with the bow are gorgeous! I also adore the green sequin detail on the dress - too lovely !! x

kayellen said...

Sooo cute!!She will look adorable in those clothes...such a fun time

seems like just yesterday my kiddos were little....

turning 1...ahhhh
Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!

and have a blessed weekend:)