Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do you like Chandelier's?

This Chandelier was from the Birmingham Council building in the UK, on the main staircase of the building.    Its not as grand as most but I do like it!  So I got thinking about Chandelier's, they are so stylish & can make such a statement in the right room. 
The first chandelier appeared in the 14th century, with designs made of wood & candle fittings, but the wax ruined the wood so it was changed for metal.

I found these two which are my favourites from Royalty Lighting.
The first picture would be nice for a porch entrance, the second one I would love to have that in the main entrance to my new house, I think I could get away with it!! My husband might be having words about that though:) as he isn't a Chandelier guy!   Maybe I could sneak it in to my bathroom instead, hung over an old fashion bath!   Mmmm how decadent; I can dream!!!

These two pictures are the Chandeliers at the Casino in Monte Carlo, which weigh over 140kilos each.    Did you know Chandelle means Candle in French?
At the turn of the 17th Century their popularity grew & were found in homes all over northern Europe, and by the 19th century they were obviously  becoming more elaborate & extravagant.

Now this grand Chandelier is from Konopiste castle in Prague, it was made by Josef Palme who received a royal permission to build a workshop in Prachen.   These quickly became  known as Bohemia Chandeliers.

All information found from Abby chandeliers the Monte Carlo images forgot where I found them so please let me know if they are yours & I will remove or credit you.


kayellen said...

I love them all!

Really beautiful:)


Federica said...

Oh yes, I like chandeliers and those are gorgeous!!

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

Love these... I want one for my bedroom, one over my dining table and another over my lounge! too much!? Never!! xx

Beach Vintage said...

How I love chandeliers...

Cyma said...

I love chandeliers, and these are gorgeous choices!

Gaia said...

I'd love a chandelier in my bathroom! Do you think it will be too much?
I like the contrast and this could be the perfect contrast!
Nice blog!

Vivian Tumasonis said...

I love chandeliers!!!!!!!!