Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Gorgeous Find

I love reading about all my blogging friend's finds. Some times I am envious of the fabulous markets they go to (only an itsy bit), but I do look forward to seeing what treasures they have found.

Well I have found some thing I think is soooo gorgeous & it is proudly sitting on my desk. I have no idea how old it is, or anything else about it, but I just love my inkwell! It will be for show only; I wouldn't dare spoil it!

I wonder if it was ever used, & where it came from originally. I photo shopped the images to give them a vintage texture in line with the ink well.

I found these lovely vintage inkwells from Gilai
1.This is an antique inkwell made from heavy cut clear glass. The hinged lid and collar are made with gilt . SOLD
2.This is a19th Century brass inkwell covered with leather. SOLD
3. Pressed glass inkwell with brass top. SOLD
4. London1901 cut glass & silver inkwell $160.00

This inkwell was dedicated to HRH Edward Albert, the Prince of Wales and the son of Queen Victoria, for the occasion of his visit to Hamilton, Canada, on 19th September 1806 by The Highland Society.
The base is made of Rojo Alicante marble, the lion's feet and fittings are gilt brass.
It's sold, so I have no idea how much it went for. I thought the history was interesting; hope you did too.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Well you certainly have captured my heart with these images. Not just a little envious!! Your find is Fabulous!! Lucky you! and I think I need photo shop also! Have Fun. Julie

Jeanneoli said...

Yours is gorgeous! I know what you mean about flea market envy:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh those are so unique. Great post lady, thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

So pretty! I'd say your treasure hunting has been a great success. As a flea market lover I feel your pain if you don't have a weekly one to satiate you!

Kellie Collis said...

Ohhh this is divine, what a find!!

Feeling much better and calmer now! Haha my poor colleagues at work!!

THank you for asking xxx

Kelli said...

Fabulous find!!

Jenny Kerr said...

Finding something like this makes all the hours of looking and finding nothing worth it.

Jen R. said...

That is an awesome find!

Anonymous said...

These are great finds! I love inkwells, they remind me of a time when people took pride in writing.

Sukanya said...

It's really nice one. I'm a big fan of antiques and vintage stuff. I really miss flea market especially Portabello market in London.

Avian | said...

Oooh... I love inkwells. I grew up using a antique little desk in my nursery that had a place for an inkwell and plenty of stained wood from years and years of ink! Great find!!

Beach Vintage said...

What a fabulous find and the mystery behind it even more enchanting. I wonder who it belonged to and who used it to write...

Sealah Tape said...

Pretty post and beautiful find!!!

Fun to find a treasure for yourself...Enjoy:)))


kayellen said...

Beautiful Ink Well... Elaine!

I am sure it looks fabulous on your desk:)


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

these are lovely - i enjoy small antique details such as this!