Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great Raffle Prize

Don't forget the on line Auctions that are taking place the link is on my right hand side bar or if you just want to buy a $5 raffle ticket why not head over to Posie Patchwork she has a great prize to win the book has been signed by author Tania McCartney  this raffle is open till Wednesday 26th I just donated to the Premier flood appeal then gave her my receipt number who ever gets this one will be a lucky lady.

My Beach Bag is up to  $40 so if you know any one that might like it send them over, there are lot of other items to purchase from a range of wonderful people so happy bidding!

Can I say a huge thank you to Sarah who has checked on every one's bids so far & it comes to an amazing $45,000 how fantastic is that and we have another 5 days to go, I just want to say to the ladies that have set this up you are just great, well done every one! :))


Thea said...

That's an amazing effort! Thank you for calling last night. Unfortunately, I didn't realise that you had called until much later. I really appreciate your effort though. Fighting a mega headache today :( x

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh thanks for the extra PR, good luck with your auction too, it's so exciting how much it all adds up to!! Love Posie

A-M said...

Unbelievable achievement. Brings tears to my eyes. A-M xx

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Well done girls... $45K .. that is amazing!!! what a wonderful spirit of community is shining on australia right now.. feel quite proud.. and you queenslanders!! you rock!!! ciao xxx Julie