Monday, June 13, 2011


Well we are in the house & I kept changing the furniture around  I feel like Diane Keating from "Because I said so" (one of the movies I watched on the sofa while being ill).

I am sorry I haven't been around blogging I got run down from the move I think & caught a nasty bug, it wiped me out for a week, I lived on my sofa as I was to tired to move. :(

I was glad to be in my new home though as I felt cosy with my new surroundings, I am slowly on the mend not 100% but getting better. :))

Any way I thought I would share with you my front entrance which I have a feeling I will probably change, the book case will go once I find that nice piece of furniture that's in my head & until I see it I cannot explain, you know what I mean?  There has to be a nice green plant in that corner I know that!

The Venetian mask is from one of my visits to Venice, its been in a box for 2 years so I am so glad when I opened it there was no mould on it (phew).

The gold frame I got from a frame shop  it was damaged so got a bargain  I will fix it up, I don't know weather to do a chalk board or put a piece of glass in it?

And finale the Rocking horse is my family heirloom its an Airs horse which my Grandad brought  for me & my sister when we were little kids; we called him "Dobbin" & had many adventures with him.

He must be well over 100 years old by now & I am so glad I got him restored doesn't he look dappa!!

More soon thanks for stopping by :))

Lainey x


Felicity said...

Congratulations Lainey, it's SO, SO wonderful to learn that you're in your lovely new home and starting to do the fun things like accessorising.

I hope that you start to have your energy back this week and zap the bug once and for all.

Can't wait to see all the sneak peeks of your home as you settle in.

Happy hug from me to you,

Felicity xx

Dancing Branflake said...

I am glad you're feeling better. So sorry you got so sick! Yuck!

And I have always wanted a rocking horse. Something I've never realized how much until this post.

Louise said...

Hello Stranger,
Nice to see you posting again, and so happy for you to be in your house at last.
I am really looking forward to seeing your photos.
We haven't even started having the cyclone damage repaired.
The builder the insurance company provided, did not turn up 11 Mondays in a row.
Enough's enough - and I off to find another builder.

- wordpress and blogger not talking to each other at the moment, so I'm using blogger id)

Kellie Collis said...

These are lovely! I know exactly how exhausting a move can get. Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

"Create Beauty" said...

You will have so much fun making each room have the look you want.

Fun to see!
~ Violet

Suki@Fantabulous Design said...

Glad to see you back online and a sneak peek of your new home. Hope you enjoy arranging things around the new place :) said...

Sorry to hear you have not been well. Hope you are OK now! The mask is wonderful.

A-M said...

Oh I LOVE that rocking horse. It all works so well. Get better soon! Nothing worse than needing the energy to move stuff around and being too crook to do so. A-M xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Lainey,
I am still beating you at posting, and I've been REALLY slack!
How is the new house going?

I'm getting new parts for the back in Southport on Monday, v. excited about it.

Will email you an update, and I am taking the beautiful headband you sent me last time i was in hospital, down to Southport with me for the next hospital stint.

louise said...

Its fabulous, my mum has an old rocking horse like that somewhere in storage but I think it has lost its maine....