Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday dreams!

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Just met with the landscaper with all my ideas, (phew).   Lets just hope it all comes in within the budget; (probably not) but I will keep positive about it.   I have a few picks of pools from my little file.   I would just love to have a dip, it's 31 deg today so wouldn't mind actually jumping in this one.   The house looks great too hey!!  I found it on an American real estate site its up for sale so if you have a spare $15,000,876 us

Picture via Hooked On Houses

Last but not least one of my favourites; something simple, elegant and hopefully in my budget, keep your fingers crossed for me :))  Sorry cannot credit picture as forgot where I found it from, looked every where.   Have a dreamy Saturday!!



pinkstilettos said...

Hey Thanks for stoppin by my blog....Hope you have a great Halloween too! So, you are planning on getting a pool- Good Luck...I would love to have any of those pools you have pictured!

Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous pools! I'm loving the second one. Have a lovely week ahead, Kellie xx