Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adopt an Elephant!

Today is my wedding anniversary 14 years, wow that sounds so many but to be honest it seems like a few the years have just flown by, my husband Rob always makes an effort with my anniversary gift finds the meaning & try's to be different.

Well this year the traditional gift is Ivory, well he knows I would not want anything with Ivory, we both feel the same about the cruel killings of elephants just for there tusks, so my pressy this year is adopting a baby pygme Elephant from Africa the money will go to the care of this little gorgeous baby.

I am so pleased cannot wait to get the paper work through the post with my certificate, my daughter said "oohh can we go to Africa one year to see how she is doing"  Oh Rob you have opened a can of worms now!!

Thanks Rob its the best :))

Elaine x


Kellie Collis said...

That is a lovely thing to do! Those elephants are gorgeous. Have a beautiful anniversary, Kellie xx

Oliveaux said...

Congratulations! I agree this is the perfect 'ivory' gift... Ax

Karena said...

Elaine I came over ro see you........... saw your blog title and then saw the elephant! Ha!!

Seriously it is really wonderful and Happy Aniversary.

Art by Karena

Beach Vintage.com said...

That is so sweet. What a great idea.

Suki@Fantabulous Design said...

Happy anniversary, it's really thoughtful gift. And a trip to Africa is a good idea too. ^^

The Moerks said...

I just saw your dog Bella. She is adorable. We have a spoodle Lulu, you are quite right the "doodles" are a wonderful lot.

Sarah said...

Your husband is fantastic! How thoughtful. What a great idea and I will file this away over here. My kids would enjoy this too.

Anonymous said...

do you get to give her a name?
Hope so.
the perfect gift, I totally agree, cause our staff gave me a Hippo from Taronga Park for several years for one of those birthdays that end in a 0.
Have a wonderful time dreaming of your new godchild.

Anonymous said...

Elaine, what a lovely idea - and makes the gift so much more meaningful knowing that you are helping our planet
Wishing you guys many more years of wedded bliss ! xx